Turning hearts back together again

Turning hearts back together again

Turning hearts back together again

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From the very moment of our births, we all seek to connect. Within seconds, we utter our first cry – and it’s a cry to be held. Our eyes seem unable to rest until they find the gaze of our parents and our hearts long to know that safe place of gentle, unconditional love.

We’ve added another permanent article to our collection – this one on the subject of Emotion Focused Couples Therapy.

So much of what passes as marriage counseling today really is no such thing. Often, it’s just individual therapy disguised as marriage counseling. Many times, it’s rules and formulas that really don’t work and, more disturbingly, it’s sometimes even a cover for those who would seek to take marriages apart.

We’re not into ANY of that.

Emotion Focused Couples Couples Therapy is a gentle, judgment-free, emotion focused, psycho-educational approach. It’s built on a foundational awareness of how broken systems break relationships. It’s geared towards restoring attachment and all about replacing systems which cause relational detachment in a couple relationship.

And, it really works to put hearts back together again!

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