• Brain aging and disease.
    Brain aging and disease.
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    Mind Body Green

    It’s then that I explain that in fact there’s a lot that they can do to meaningfully impact their risk for Alzheimer’s disease and it’s not in the form of anything purveyed on a prescription pad.

    I discuss the work of Dr. Deborah Barnes, a dedicated Alzheimer’s researcher at the University of California San Francisco whose report in the prestigious journal Lancet Neurology demonstrated that specific modifiable lifestyle factors like physical inactivity, diabetes, and smoking are associated with an astounding 54% of Alzheimer’s cases in the United States (2.9 million patients).

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  • It’s not just a kiss.
    It’s not just a kiss.
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    New York Times:

    The participants generally rated kissing in casual relationships as most important before sex, less important during sex, even less important after sex and least important “at other times.? (To clarify: researchers defined kissing as “on the lips or open-mouth (French).?)

    Past research has shown that three types of people tend to be choosier in selecting mates who are genetically fit and compatible:

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