A better way to test for genius

A better way to test for genius

A better way to test for genius

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One of the hallmarks for intelligent people is an obvious tendency to ignore the “accepted” behaviour of the general public. Smart people seem to have their own agendas and their own schedules. A recent study by the London School of Economics indicates that insomnia is a natural tendency of the intellectually elite amongst us. It doesn’t appear to be a fluke, either. The rates of sleep achieved in hours per night declines as the average IQ level raises. Speculation may lead us to believe it is an overactive mind that finds restless easy to achieve, or that perhaps the late-night hours are a quieter environment for personal pursuits.

And this:

Smart people are oddballs. Virtually every leader in the academic realm has been noted for having a sort of eccentricity (or several) that set them apart from their peers. It stands to reason that a brain developing outside the “normal” spectrum of human understanding might also adapt differently to its environment. This includes mental disorders of all kinds.

OCD and ADD are very common traits amongst the intellectually well-endowed. Tesla was reportedly afraid of human hair, while Da Vinci was hailed as a world-class procrastinator with strong ADHD tendencies. Being strange is just part of the territory when it comes to being a brain. Perhaps the most dishevelled and “strange” amongst us might be geniuses in disguise.

Ok, this is basically being posted for a bunch of clients as an explanation of why their brains work the way they do.

And an explanation of the pitfalls of the minds they were gifted with.

And a call to action to take care of such.

But, read it anyway — does it explain some of the people around you???

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