Maybe faith is not so dead…

Maybe faith is not so dead…

Maybe faith is not so dead…

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National Post

You don’t need to be a churchgoer to pray. That’s one of the findings of a sweeping new poll on faith from the Angus Reid Institute, conducted in partnership with Dr. Reginald Bibby of the University of Lethbridge. The recent survey of 3,041 Canadians showed that even as our affiliation with organized religion continues to decline we still believe – just in our own, often deeply personal, ways. Here’s a snapshot of how faith shapes our behaviour and our views of one another today.

The infographic (Top link) pretty much speaks for itself. At least 76% of the population of Canada are people of some kind of at least minimal faith.

Canadians may have abandoned the institutional church in droves — but 97% of those who are still there or have departed still believe in God, 87% pray, 99% identify with a religion, 79% feel strengthened by their faith, 94% believe in Heaven and 90% believe in angels.

That’s HARDLY the so-called, “Developing Pagan Nation,” we have heard so much about.

If anything, this should be a stark wake-up call for institutional religion. Every denominational group in the country just lost their right to worry about people leaving the faith — and need to start figuring out why they are leaving THEM!!!

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