Tired of Big Brother watching you already???

Tired of Big Brother watching you already???

Tired of Big Brother watching you already???

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GPG Tools for Mac – The ultimate in stupidly simple file and email encryption for Mac.

GNU Privacy Guard for Windows – Decently simple Windows file and email encryption.

Ok, let’s get one thing on the table: Claiming that email is about as insecure as a postcard is actually an insult to the integrity of postal workers the world over. It’s WAY LESS secure than a postcard. Yet, the reality of our last 16yrs as a therapist is simply this:

We’ve had the simple solution of a public PGP key on our website and publicized on every Key Server out there for +10 years but, in that entire time, only six clients ever sent us one or more encrypted emails or files with it!

The general public is finally up in arms over the government of the United States (and most of the G8 really) spying on everyone and are screaming for Government controls. But, it’s futile – the only solution we are going to get will be technological and we already have it.

Perhaps the NSA snooping will finally motivate everyone to take the embarrassingly simple steps required to easily and permanently fix the problem.

Oh, and, for the rest of your Web Browsing needs: TOR Browser Bundle or, my personal solution, the Onion Pi Tor Proxy.

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