YOU – drop those pajamas and step towards the bed!!!

YOU – drop those pajamas and step towards the bed!!!

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Scientific studies show sleeping naked has enough health benefits to make people think twice before reaching for those coveted pajama shorts or fuzzy flannels ever again.

According to several research efforts, sleeping naked has health benefits ranging from the prevention of diabetes to lowered belly fat; shedding clothes before sleep can also increase the body’s anti-aging hormones, help you sleep deeper and longer, decrease vaginal bacteria and improve sex lives.

Turns out, 90 percent of Americans – the amount reporting to never sleep in the nude – are really missing out.

The full article expands on:

Better and Deeper Sleep

Increased Anti-Aging Hormones

Less Stress, Less Fat

Lowered Risk of Diabetes

Healthier Parts

Improved Sex

As much as I hate to link to what is nothing more then a source article spam, the above linked is very true, really well written and so worth reading.

But they missed one: Not having massive fights in front of your therapist about his/her, “Flannel armor.”

(Yes, really. I’ve seen that one more times then I can count…)

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